We believe that we are only as good as our employees, only as good as those who represent us to our clients, the landowners, surveyors, construction companies, county, city, and state employees in courthouses, permit offices, and agencies.  We believe in treating all persons with dignity and respect, as we would want to be treated, but we were surprised when we began receiving comments from our employees.  Here are some.


“Robin and I wanted to say thanks for being a great broker to work for, we’ve worked for a couple others and know of many more, but we were just discussing the other night how it seems you all look at your employees as actually people instead of commodities to get title done.”


“I have to say that G&P Land has proven to be the best service company I have been associated with in my time in Right of Way.  I like the way you operate, and hope to have a long stay with this company.”


“I am happy just to have a job with G&P. This is the best service company I have ever been with.”


“I really appreciate the way you handle things with all of us  out working on these projects!  It makes me feel good to know I work for a company with integrity that is willing to do something good for their employees instead of doing nothing.  Take care.”


“This is a great company to work for. I am pleased that they have high standards for their employees to go by.  I want to also thank you for your hard work. When leadership sets the tone of the organization in such a positive manner the entire operation runs smoother.”




“I have been very happy working with G&P and sincerely hope to continue working with you for a long time to come.  Without doing too much more “schmoozing” I will just say that after my 12 years invested in this business, it is a great feeling to finally have this level of confidence in my employer (knowing that you say what you mean, and mean what you say — i.e. knowing that when you say you’ll do your “level best” to get me working, you are telling the truth and not just telling me what I want to hear — that goes a LONG way with me).”


“Just wanted to say Happy Holidays and thanks for picking me to work for your company  go G&P. Love u guys.”


“Thank you so much for looking out for us up here, it shows that you really do care.  You are at the heart of what makes G&P such a great company to work for.  Which is why I am so proud to be a part of our company.”


“G&P has honestly been the best service company I’ve worked for thus far, and I want very badly to stay with you for many, many more years to come, so I will welcome work with you, no matter where it’s at!  I just love being a part of your team, and feel great pride in saying “I’m with G&P Land”. You all treat your employees so good, and with the utmost respect, and I greatly appreciate that!”


“I want to personally thank you for the opportunity to work through and associate with G&P Land. You have been extraordinary!”


“In regards to management G&P has been a breath of fresh air compared to my last couple projects and I appreciate the opportunity to work and excel with this group.”


“I have absolutely loved working for G&P for the last 3 years and would very much like to continue my employment with the company if at all possible.  G&P has been nothing short of a stellar employer.  I have been treated wonderfully by management and have always been made to feel like part of the team.”


“I have worked for different companies and feel G & P Land has treated their employees the fairest and I would love to continue to have the opportunity to work for you if and when possible.  Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to work for G&P Land.”


“G&P has been a wonderful company to work for, and has allowed me to work with good people.  I’ve also been paid on time – every time.  There is much to be said for keeping your word, and G&P has certainly done so.”


“Thank you for taking good care of me. You and this company are a blessing in our lives.”


“I really love and respect G&P and the people that they (you!) employ.  I have worked with some of the best title people, right of way people, and supervisors that I’ve ever met.  And this coming from someone that owned a business and was so picky about staffing!  I loved being an employee of G&P.”


“I can honestly say that if circumstances were different, I wouldn’t even consider leaving G&P.  I have never worked for a better company or people. And I would greatly appreciate you keeping me in mind for the other project. I would really like to come back to G&P.”